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$140,000 Raised in Food and Cash Donations
“Go big or go home!” may might as well be our unofficial slogan when it comes to campaign fundraisers here at Mi Pueblo.

During our annual Holiday Drive, all 21 store teams graciously asked our customers if they would like to donate $5 with the purchase of a pre-made bag of canned food items or donate their change.

During the 3 week period of the Holiday Drive, we collected $140,000 in donations thanks to the generosity of our customers, which marks yet another record breaking for the company and means we can give back even more to our community.

All the cash donated during the drive is being distributed among the county food banks we already work with as well as local community organizations that distribute food. One example is Viola Blythe Community center in Newark, which despite their seemingly small size, delivers thousands of pounds of food to hundreds of families in the East Bay communities of Newark and Union City.

We want to extend a big warm GRACIAS to every customer who donated and to all our team members for their endless enthusiasm and cooperation during all of 2012’s fundraising campaigns!