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Our Famous Carne Arrachera

Mi Pueblo’s famous marinated carne arrachera is without a doubt one of our most distinguished best selling products. From selecting the freshest flap meat before being soaked and rubbed in our famous marinade, it is truly a cornerstone product that our business is built upon.

‘’Oh, I’ve had carne asada before’’ is what many people think before sinking their teeth into our soft, citrus flavored, spice rubbed specialty. But once you’ve had it one time, you know you have to have it again. That is because each ingredient goes back almost 20 taste-tested years of at home research.

There was a point in time when our founder knew he had to come up with the best of the best of all marinades for his clientele or otherwise face being like the rest. So like a scientist who spends hours in a lab, our founder spent hours in the kitchen, testing one ingredient and mixing it with another until he came up with that unique, zesty flavor we know and love thanks to Mi Pueblo.

Today our marinated flap meat or carne arrachera is indispensible at any carne asada gathering and is the centerpiece to any picnic table where good friends, family and delicious memories come together. Come in and try our two flavorings any day of the week!