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Welcome to Mi Pueblo’s Salud y Belleza health and wellness page. We are very proud to launch this initiative to make a difference in our community and in the lives of our valued customers. March marks Natural Nutrition Month, what better time to start a healthier lifestyle? We encourage everyone to take advantage of this program as the goal is to provide you advice and resources to live a healthier lifestyle and to improve your family’s well-being. Make sure to stop by our next in-store workshop to meet our nutrition expert Lisa Antillón! Please revisit this page for more info regarding her visits to our stores.


Lisa Antillón was born in Mexico and has been designing and teaching nutrition workshops for children, teenagers and adults both in Mexico and the United States for 25 years.  Her message is simple:  nutritious food is delicious, easy to prepare, inexpensive and essential to feel and look your best.  Lisa Antillón is a commentator on international development and environmental issues for the Instituto Mexicano de la Radio and KZSU Stanford Radio, she has written for the Reforma newspaper in Mexico and she is studying to become an Ayurveda medicine consultant.  Throughout her career, she has worked to identify, implement and communicate low-cost, high-impact actions to improve health and wellness, reduce poverty and improve academic achievement.  Lisa Antillón studied International Relations in Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and a Masters in Foreign Service in Georgetown University.  She has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area with her family since 2011.

Mi Pueblo: Your Family´s Nutrition, Beauty and Healthy Ally

Hello! I am happy to join Mi Pueblo in this amazing project to promote your family´s health, wellness and beauty!  Starting February, you can receive tips and recipes to feel and look your best via our website, Facebook, our coupon pages and the Así es mi Pueblo radio show, conducted by Gabino Ayala. You can attend fun and informative workshops in our stores, where you will learn that your kitchen has everything you need to have radiant skin and hair, to feel full of energy to care for your family and shine in your job, to help your children grow big and healthy and, why not? men can also learn how to keep in shape and feel their best.  We will also talk about options for those who have food restrictions, such as reduced sugar and salt intake and for those who want to keep a healthy weight while eating delicious meals.

Most of all, you will discover the secrets of the best spas in the world to look beautiful and feel relaxed; you will learn that healthy food is delicious, easy to prepare and affordable and that it is also the best medicine because it helps you maintain good health and prevent diseases.


Lisa Antillón