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Mi Pueblo Foods, the San Jose-based family-grown Hispanic grocery chain, in collaboration with the Mexican Heritage Corporation, Consul General of Mexico, the San Francisco Law School and other local community partners, announced today the results of a month-long initiative to raise funds for legal representation for the thousands of unaccompanied minors who have crossed the border in search of a better life. The campaign raised $100,124, surpassing the company’s goal by $25,000, thanks to the generosity of community members, private individual donors, local organizations and businesses alike.

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Now that the fundraising campaign has ended, Mi Pueblo will partner with Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP), the California Endowment and Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrant Refugees (GCIR) to ensure that 100 percent of the funds raised are directed to key community organizations on the front lines that are providing safe and humane housing, basic medical care, and legal representation as the children face immigration hearings that will determine whether they are sent back to the violence and hardship they escaped.

“Mi Pueblo believes in and is committed to giving back to our communities. This has always been at the heart of our organization and we couldn’t stand back when we learned of the hardships that these children are going through at the border,” said Javier Ramirez, President and CEO of Mi Pueblo Foods. “We are incredibly grateful and proud of our communities and colaboradores that helped us raise these funds. We know that every cent will help make a big difference in the lives of these children as they prove their need to stay in this country.”



Throughout the month of September, Mi Pueblo Food Center collected donations from community members at its 21 stores in Northern California. The grocery chain also teamed up with the San Francisco Bay area Azteca América affiliate (KEMO-TV) to host a 10-hour telethon that resulted in $12,000 being raised in just one day. Mi Pueblo far-surpassed its original goal of $75,000, and will continue to host fundraising initiatives to support local organizations as part of the company’s social responsibility role within the community.

More About Our  Campaign:

Over the last nine months, more than 63,000 unaccompanied Latino children have been detained at the US-Mexico border, many of them trying to escape unspeakable conditions in their home countries. As their cases are being reviewed at court, it’s absolutely necessary that they receive the proper legal representation to help make their case for staying in this country.


shutterstock_180412106From September 10-28, Mi Pueblo invites our community members to help support this cause by making a donation at the cash registers in all of our stores. Every dollar we collect will be given to the Mexican Heritage Corporation, which will in turn distribute the funds to key nonprofits at the border providing free legal counsel to the children.

It’s our duty to do what we can to help these children who have already been through so much at their young age, and we hope you join us in our efforts! To learn more about how you can help, visit your local Mi Pueblo store.


Facts and Frequently Asked Questions:

 What are you raising money for?

  • In the last 9 months, more than 63,000 unaccompanied children have crossed the border, escaping from terrible conditions in their home countries.
  • They have been detained at the border, and need adequate legal representation at court to make their case for staying in the US.  We are raising money to help provide them free legal counsel.

Who are the community partners for this initiative?

  • Mexican Heritage Corporation –an active advocate for social justice, access to education and fair treatment for Latinos and diverse communities in Northern California and across US.  You might also know them as the organizers behind events promoting Hispanic culture, like the VivaFest! Events
  • MHC will collect money raised and distribute to organizations providing free counsel to kids.
    • San Francisco Law School and the San Diego Law School – members of the schools have already been providing free legal counsel to children detained at the border. Our funds will help them continue their mission.


How much is required to make a donation?

  • There is no minimum amount needed to make a donation and every cent counts. You can donate $1 or just your change. The more money we raise, the better, as more children will be helped!

Where does my donation go to? How is it used?

  • All donations go directly to Mexican Heritage Corporation, which will disseminate the funds to organizations providing legal help to kids at the border. Mi Pueblo will not keep any of the money donated.

Why is Mi Pueblo participating?

  • Mi Pueblo believes in and is committed to giving back; this is at the heart of our organization.
  • Children are the future of this country, and we believe they deserve the opportunity to have a better life.
  • Because no child should suffer, and these children have already suffered enough. Together we can make a big difference in their lives.